NewTechKids is honoured to have been chosen to develop the agenda for the Erasmus+ sponsored program welcoming 50 Danish high school students to the Netherlands in early October. These students are studying business and retail at EUC Nordvest, a school which provides innovative vocational education in northern Denmark.

During the ‘Destination Amsterdam’ visit, students (ages 16, 17 and 18) from EUC Nordvest, will learn how Dutch innovation and entrepreneurship, sustainability and culture are re-shaping the way people shop, consume resources and do business.

Rather than being all about boring lectures, the program will be hands-on. There will be informal talks with inspiring role models, product demos, company visits, walking tours, interactive workshops, and museum visits.

A special matchmaking session will be held with Business students from Lely Lyceum, a high school in Amsterdam southeast, followed by a vegan Surinamese lunch.

Anita Sørensen, one of the teachers coordinating the visit, says “The Netherlands is known as a centre for innovation and fresh thinking. Our goal is to inspire students with what’s happening in the Netherlands and encourage them to take ideas, contacts and new ways of thinking back to their studies and careers in Denmark.”