We combine four magical ingredients in our programs. Computational thinking skills help children master the thought process needed to develop solutions which can be carried out by computers in partnership with humans. Computer science education helps children understand the core concepts which apply to all forms of technology. Our curriculum covers algorithmic thinking, programming, systems thinking, and design. Technological literacy helps children understand the technology present in the world around them in order to make conscious decisions. Innovation processes help children transform what they learn into their own inventions. During our programs, kids become comfortable with prototyping, designing, testing and iteration, all important aspects of the innovation process.

As a company founded by two women, NewTechKids is dedicated to increasing the participation of girls and low-income youth in computer science education. We’re developing strategies which help girls and low-income youth learn and excel in mixed-gender classrooms which are the norm in primary and high school. Boys, girls and children from different backgrounds benefit from working and learning together.


We teach children to understand concepts such as systems thinking, resources, requirements, programming, automation and design. During our programs, children learn core concepts individually and in connection with each other.


We design our classes so that children collaborate. In teams, children learn to explain their thinking, engage in problem-solving, develop interpersonal skills and practice giving and receiving constructive feedback.


We help children design, test and improve their inventions with feedback from peers and teachers. Our teaching tools range from no tech (pen and paper) to high tech (programmable robot kits).


All of our classes involve challenges which encourage children to turn abstract concepts into tangible solutions. Failure is celebrated (and even deliberately included) to help children learn the importance of grit, perseverance and problem-solving.