Imagine loving your Mama so much that during primary school, you are already planning, plotting and preparing to help her overcome her disability.

Everyday this past week, a woman in a wheelchair brought her daughter and son to NewTechKids summer bootcamp at the Amsterdam Public Library.

The son was talented but the daughter was UBER-talented. She squealed with joy when she saw the LEGO Mindstorms kits we use whereas most of the kids looked bewildered. When kids were clicking together pieces, she was designing prototypes which move. We made an exception and allowed her to work alone with the help of our teacher because she was so advanced and excited about designing her own inventions.

After the bootcamp wrapped up, I was speaking with her Mom who said “You know why she loves technical education so much? She says she’s going to help me walk again.”

And even more beautiful: seeing in her Mama’s eyes that she believes her.