NewTechKids is honoured to have been chosen to develop the agenda for the Erasmus+ sponsored program welcoming 50 Danish high school students to the Netherlands in early October. These students are studying business and retail at EUC Nordvest, a school which provides innovative vocational education in northern Denmark. During the 'Destination Amsterdam' visit, students (ages 16, 17 and 18) from EUC Nordvest, will learn how Dutch innovation and entrepreneurship, sustainability and culture are re-shaping the

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NewTechKids is pleased to be partnering with PreparationTech to help recruit tech companies in Amsterdam to offer three to five day internships for high school students at Ignatius Gymnasium in Amsterdam. The internships, for students ages 15-17 (groups 4 and 5), will take place in early May. Internships can be at technology companies or organizations whose primary focus is something else but rely on technology to produce, communicate, deliver content and serve customers. Focus areas

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