NewTechKids is pleased to be partnering with PreparationTech to help recruit tech companies in Amsterdam to offer three to five day internships for high school students at Ignatius Gymnasium in Amsterdam.

The internships, for students ages 15-17 (groups 4 and 5), will take place in early May. Internships can be at technology companies or organizations whose primary focus is something else but rely on technology to produce, communicate, deliver content and serve customers. Focus areas can include anything from digital media and entertainment, art and fashion, fintech, hardware design, architecture, digital healthcare to AI, data science and computing.

The purpose of the internship is to give students exposure to a real working environment and inspiring role models. It’s also a chance to discover what study and career paths are of interest to them.

The internships are a great way for companies and organizations to learn how to make themselves and their industries appealing to young people interested in tech.

If you represent a tech company and would like to inspire the next generation of technologists, designers, tech businesspeople and policy makers, please contact Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Founder and Managing Director, at dcarter[at]

Photo credit: RODNAE for Pexels