The best, most future-proof skill that parents, caregivers and teachers can impart to kids is “learning how to learn” and mastering different ways of learning.

As such, NewTechKids is organizing ‘Try It Out’ workshops on Saturday, January 15th and Sunday, January 16th for kids ages 8-12 at the Amsterdam Public Library. The workshops will take place each day from 13:00 – 14:30 and 15:00 – 16:30. Spaces are limited.

Register here.

During these workshops, we’ll introduce girls and boys to design and invention processes involving building, coding and rapid prototyping with LEGO robotics kits.

Rapid prototyping refers to solving a challenge by designing a solution (in our case, a robot or robotic device) in a short space of time with limited resources. During this process, kids learn how to apply computer science concepts and invent based on specific requirements. They learn to experiment, keep trying despite challenges and change courses after experiencing failure. Most importantly, they learn that prototypes are far from perfect and end up being different than originally planned.

NewTechKids specializes in encouraging kids to co-create solutions with others and bring their ideas to life through protoyping. The sooner we start exposing kids to this type of learning, the sooner we will start preparing the next generation of technologists and problem-solvers.