Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Co-founder, will give one of the keynote talks at IPON 2018 on February 7th. IPON is the Netherlands’ leading conference/trade show devoted to innovation in education and ICT applications and services. The event showcases teaching methods, learning materials and tools, hardware and software.

In 2015, Deborah gave a widely-acclaimed TED talk about the importance of introducing computer science and technology education as mandatory subjects, beginning in primary school. At the time, a documentary film producer interviewed her and asked if education reform in the Netherlands should be an evolution or revolution. In true Deborah form, she answered ’revolution’ and stressed that computer science, programming and technological literacy need to be part of the revolution. She still stands by her answer.

Almost three years later, most primary and secondary schools in the Netherlands and across Europe are not teaching computer science, computational thinking or technological literacy. This is a major problem as these subjects prepare students for rapid and constant technological development and to become conscious and empowered citizens.

During her talk, Deborah will renew her call for computer science to become a mandatory subject, starting in primary school and continuing through secondary school. She’ll talk about how NewTechKids, the company she co-founded, is addressing major barriers such as teacher training, curriculum and lesson resources, pedagogy and teaching approaches.

She’ll also talk about ‘Rising Technologists’, girls, minorities and children from low-income families who are under-represented in technology-related studies and professions. Given access and equal opportunity, she believes that these children have the potential to become future technologists and leaders who contribute to society.