Parents, teachers, school counsellors: do you know a kid who is obsessed with electronics, tinkering and making things? Engineering and inventing tech is a great study path and career opportunity for her or him.

In this PreparationTech interview, Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Founder and MD, interviews Isaac Sesi, a young Ghanaian man who was¬†named by Massachusetts Institute of Technology as one of the top 35 innovators under the age of 35 in 2019.

Isaac talks about his journey to become the inventor of GrainMate, a moisture measuring device which helps poor African farmers protect their crops from damage and loss. Isaac was recently featured on Humans of New York and his story has garnered almost half a million likes and 17,000 comments.

“Literally no one builds or manufactures electronics in Ghana or Africa. If you have an idea for electronics to manufacture an electronic component, they tell you to go and do it in China. But us being able to make things locally was pretty impressive.

Watch the full interview here.

About PreparationTech

PreparationTech is a series of online video interviews which educates parents, teachers and school counsellors about the study/training paths and career opportunities which are available when kids learn computer science and programming and how to think critically about the implications and ethics of technology.

Interviewed by Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Founder and MD, inspiring technologists and professionals whose work intersects with technology share their personal stories: childhood, hobbies, school activities, higher education, and career paths. They also provide insights and advice on how to prepare kids to thrive in a world of rapid and constant technological development.