Parents, teachers, school counsellors: do you know a kid who is fascinated by inventions, inventors and technology?

In this PreparationTech interview, Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Founder and MD, interviews Natalie Raffoul, Managing Partner at Brion Raffoul and one of Canada’s top Intellectual Property (IP) and patent lawyers.

“I’m Managing Partner of a law practice called Brion Raffoul. We have a group of really great professionals here with technical backgrounds who advise innovative companies on how to best protect their inventions over a long continuum. We’ve been working with companies, some of them over decades now, and helping them protect all of their great ideas and remain competitive.”

In her full interview, Natalie shares her story from a child fascinated by how things work and inventors to degree in Engineering enhanced with a law degree with a specialization in IP and patent law.

She advises parents, teachers and school counsellors to expose kids to tech inventors and inventions as well as what’s happening in the news and government discourse. She advises girls and young women to take their place at the table and enter fields where they are under-represented because they will stand out.

About PreparationTech

PreparationTech is a series of online video interviews which educates parents, teachers and school counsellors about the study/training paths and career opportunities which are available when kids learn computer science and programming and how to think critically about the implications and ethics of technology.

Hosted by Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Founder and MD, inspiring technologists and professionals whose work intersects with technology share their personal stories: childhood, hobbies, school activities, higher education, and career paths. They also provide insights and advice on how to prepare kids to thrive in a world of rapid and constant technological development.

Photo credit: Ottawa Board of Trade