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When it comes to guiding and managing children’s online gaming activities, there’s no definitive guidelines or rules. Often, parents, caretakers and teachers end up winging it.

NewTechKids’ team believes that the time has come for adults to proactively develop a game plan, especially because of the growing popularity of gaming and the rise in unhealthy gaming and gaming addiction.

To this end, we’ve organized a seminar for parents, caregivers and teachers on ‘Kids and Gaming’ which will take place on Sunday, November 24, 2019 at the Amsterdam Public Library.

We’ve invited an interesting line up of speakers to share their expertise through talks, demos and interactive discussions. Our goal: to¬†present gaming from different angles and encourage attendees to stretch their thinking. The key takeaways for attendees will be:

  • understanding how games like Fortnite are designed, what effects they have on kids, and how they trigger specific mental and physical responses
  • developing strategies (along with kids) to guide and manage kids’ gaming activities
  • recognizing the signs that gaming is becoming unhealthy and addictive and knowing what steps to take to get help

Confirmed speakers

Leonie Kamps, a researcher/pyschologist at Trimbos Institute

Emiel Kampen, a game designer and game development teacher at Utrecht University of the Arts (HKU)

Jain van Nigtevegt and Antonio Hoogervorst, from Flavour, an Amsterdam-based game design company

Bram Stamkot, head teacher at NewTechKids

Araceli Thomas, a mother / game designer turned empowerment counsellor

Victor van Rossum, a former gaming addict

Rudi Voet, Senior Family Counsellor at the Yes We Can Youth Clinics

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