Rudi is Senior Family Counsellor at the Yes We Can Youth Clinics. He’ll be speaking and answering questions at NewTechKids’ seminar on ‘Kids and gaming’ on November 24 in Amsterdam.

If there’s one piece of advice that Rudi Voet wants to give parents when it comes to guiding and managing their children’s online gaming, it’s this: establish boundaries.

At the seminar, he’ll speak about how to tell the difference between healthy and unhealthy gaming, signs that indicate that gaming is becoming problematic, and where to go for help. He’ll outline the Yes We Can Youth Clinic’s approach to helping kids overcome gaming addiction while helping families establish healthier relationships.

To him, gaming is rarely the core problem. It’s often difficult family relationships, bullying, loneliness and isolation.

About Rudi Voet

Rudi worked his entire professional career in the field of social work with young people, parents, people living in poverty, homeless people and in psychiatry. In 2011, he started working at Yes We Can Clinics, a treatment centre for teenagers and young adults suffering from mental health issues, addictions and behavioural problems. For the past years, Rudi has been working as a family counsellor for the international branch of Yes We Can Clinics. In this role, he helps the parents/carers of the clients (fellows) uncover family patterns in order to support the child’s newly acquired behaviour and he helps to restore and balance family relations.