There are few things as wonderful as impacting a child’s interests and learning. Even in a small way.

This week, NewTechKids received some great news. One of our very first students was accepted into the Metis Montessori Lyceum, the first high school in the Netherlands to offer an intensive programming stream for 12 year olds starting in Fall 2016.

Students in this stream will receive five hours of schooling in programming, robotics, computers, game and app development, and design each week as part of the normal high school curriculum throughout their entire high school experience.

They will learn how to program in Python, Java, Ruby and other programming languages. They will also complete projects for real clients (companies and higher education institutes) four times per year which will provide students with practical, real-world experience in IT.

Located in Amsterdam, Metis Montessori Lyceum was recently certified as a Technasium with hands-on design and engineering for kids who perform well academically. The school also hosts a monthly CoderDojo and has active robotics and digital media clubs.

The school is supported by Amsterdam City council (Startup Amsterdam) and companies which include IBM, Microsoft and others.

This boy attended our first Computer Science bootcamp in January 2014 and excelled. He has a natural aptitude for programming and computer science and his parents have cultivated this by consistently enrolling him in after-school activities related to coding and computer science.

As NewTechKids’ tagline states “Watch out, Silicon Valley. We’re coming for you!” This boy is just one of many.

(Photo of student working on his very first LEGO Mindstorms robot with a NewTechKids teacher)