In September 2016, NewTechKids will begin teaching a new, after-school club format called the 21st Century Skills Club. Two Clubs will launch in Amsterdam South East and Amsterdam New West. The format was developed by Stichting NewTechKids, a non-profit foundation which develops, tests and improves computer science curriculum, lessons and teaching materials and trains primary school teachers. NewTechKids is teaching the Clubs on behalf of Stichting NewTechKids.

The Club will feature weekly, three-hour lessons. During the Club, primary school-aged children will learn about computer science and maker education. Kids will be taught in a combination of Dutch and English to expose non-English speaking children to English in a practical way.

During the Club, kids will learn about computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, programming, systems thinking, and design and prototyping. The Club will use computer science and maker education as ways to teach kids important 21st century skills: critical thinking, problem-solving, creativity, collaboration and communication.




  • Carine

    Very interedting!
    Is this coursebin English or in Dutch?
    Thank you

    • NewTechKids

      Hi Carine, apologies for the delay in responding. Our courses are taught in a combination of English and Dutch although most of our teachers are native Dutch speakers.

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