Looking for days and nights at the world’s leading museums?

Some of the world’s leading museums have created virtual tours and video tours to bring their exhibitions to kids around the world. Check out NewTechKids’ list of cool museums to discover.

The British Museum: by far, our favourite virtual tour. The Museum of the World Tour allows kids to search by continent, date and category with audio guided tours.

The Smithsonian: check out these 360 degree tours of Egypt and the Nile.

The Palace Museum in Beijing: this national museum is located in the Forbidden City and is the world’s most visited museum. Check out Chinese riches in the form of ceramics, paintings, sculptures, costumes, etc.

National Portrait Gallery: explore Britain’s large collection of portraits spanning the 13th century and onwards.

Bata Shoe Museum: this Canadian museum is offering free virtual tours in July and August 2021. Registration is required.

Egyptian Museum: tour the King Tutankhamun Collection to see treasures from the tomb of the ‘Boy King’.

Van Gogh Museum: see Vincent van Gogh’s paintings along with commentary from the Museum’s curators, staff and Amsterdam residents who tell their personal stories and relate these stories to van Gogh’s art.