Here’s a list of tech education-related activities for parents, caregivers and teachers looking to shift kids into more active, conscious consumption of technology resources.

0-7 Years

Zerus & Ona

Enjoy singing, dancing and playing with the code of the ‘Zerus & Ona’ song composed for this popular book series which introduces young children to technology and coding. Check out this set of five free videos to watch with your children. Buy the books, in English, Dutch, Spanish and German.


The New York Times has put together this handy list of English-language podcasts which will keep kids ages 2-6 occupied and entertained.

8-12 Years

‘Bad News’ Game

Fantastic free online game for kids 8-11 which teaches kids about the dynamics of fake news mongering: how to spread fake news and how to rile people up and gather followers. The game even includes a fake ticker which tracks follower growth. Play it here.

‘Safe Surfing’ Game

Learn about cyber safety and digital citizenship through this free online game produced by the FBI. Kids can play modules developed for different grade levels and then test how well they’ve learned the content. Play the game.


Cybersecurity Lab 

For budding detectives, this free online game from NOVA Labs is a fantastic introduction to cybersecurity. Teens are tasked with protecting a company from destructive hacking and cyber attacks by cracking passwords, developing code and developing protection strategies. Play it here. 

MIT Moral Machine

For mature teens who like to indulge in critical thinking, this online platform is a great way to explore moral dilemmas and learn how others think about concepts like right and wrong, consequences and character. Experience the scenarios.

(Photo credit: Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash)