NewTechKids is proud to support PreparationTech in promoting its Black [Tech] History Month 2021 video interview series featuring Black role models doing impactful things in and with technology.

During the month of February 2021, PreparationTech will publish daily video interviews which celebrate inspiring Black people, including:

  • Arlan Hamilton, who while homeless, founded a venture capital firm which finances tech companies run by Black people, people of colour, women and members of the LGBTQ community
  • Ackeem Ngwenya, who founded an eyewear company which uses parametric algorithms, 3D programs and virtual reality to create customized eyewear for Black people based on their nose shapes and other physical attributes
  • Tiffany Kelly, who is using her background as a student athlete and data analytics guru to help Black athlete influencers and others avoid being financially exploited by big sports brands
  • DJ Mo Laudi, who helped pioneer the Afro-Electronic music genre in the early 2000s and who uses tech to create music and unique art/sound experiences
  • Sunchi Chen, who overcame childhood poverty to become one of the few Black nuclear technology development engineers  in the world

These interviews are designed to educate and inspire Black and non-Black parents, teachers and school guidance counselors as well as older high school students who are planning their study, training and career paths. The people interviewed will explain what they do and how it relates to technology, share their personal journey, and provide advice on how to prepare kids for a future dominated by technology.

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Photo credit: Alessandro Bianchi on Unsplash