A big ‘thank you’ to Tessa Wernink and Impossible for featuring Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Founder and Managing Director, on the ‘What If We Get It Right?’ podcast series.

Listen to the podcast.

Deborah spoke about her six years of experiencing leading NewTechKids and her ideas on a new way forward in terms of preparing kids for a future of constant and pervasive technological development. One of these ideas led her to hep launch PreparationTech, an online platform which explores how technology is transforming study, training and work in virtually every industry, field and discipline.

PreparationTech showcases the personal stories of a diverse and inclusive group of role models who explain what they do, outline the paths they’ve taken to get there, and provide insight into what it takes to be successful in their respective fields.

Deborah also shared some of the forces which shaped her and determined her life path.