For more than four years, NewTechKids has focused on teaching computer science bootcamps to children ages seven to 12. We’re very proud to have been one of the first companies to focus on this age range in Amsterdam and in the Netherlands.

But we’re moving into a new era where we need to take active steps to influence and re-shape the technology industry we have. For us, this means taking a long, hard look at how digital technology education is taught in order to guarantee that it engages all students, not just those who are interested in the technical side of technology, and that it reflects the learning styles of all students.

For NewTechKids, this means broadening our focus. While we will still teach core computer science concepts, we’ll add other elements to the mix, notably art, design, prototyping, problem-solving and deep thinking about technology and its implications.

Our goal is to increase inclusion and diversity in the technology industry and in fields being transformed by technology. This means making sure that girls, children from minority groups and children from low-income communities are exposed to digital technology education.

The world needs computer scientists, programmers, developers and technologists. But it also needs IP lawyers, policy makers and regulators, ethicists, social scientists specialised in the effects of technologists, urban planners, doctors, nurses, teachers, farmers and other professionals who have a solid understanding of how technology works.

Stay tuned for new developments at NewTechKids. And of course, keep your eye on our programs which are the direct translation of our thoughts and methodologies.