NewTechKids is pleased to announce its Fall 2017 line up of activities.

We have spent the summer developing and testing new approaches to computer science education in partnership with our non-profit foundation, Stichting NewTechKids. During two, brand-new bootcamps, we taught computer science concepts along with a stronger focus on technological literacy. This took the form of presenting technology case studies and concepts for new technology and leading in-depth class discussions on the implications of technology re: individuals, society, employment, the environment, local and global economies, and happiness and well-being.

Computer Science Programs for Primary School Children

From September to December 2017, we will be teaching new bootcamps for kids ages 7-12 which reflect our R&D work. During one bootcamp, we will challenge kids to become technologists who envision, design and program elements of their dream city. Class challenges will cover architecture, transportation systems, manufacturing and related topics. During the other bootcamp, kids will use visual programming and robotics to develop and program a series of technology prototypes which re-imagine current technology. See our Fall line-up.

NewTechKids also teaches our programs at primary schools to enable schools to integrate computer science and computational thinking into their curricula. For schools interested in introducing these subjects, please contact us.

Computer Science and Computational Thinking Training for Primary School Teachers

We are planning a teacher training program which will help primary school teachers introduce computational thinking as part of school curricula. Designed for teachers of students ages 4-12, the program will provide teachers with pedagogy, teaching approaches and classroom management strategies and they will be trained to give lessons involving ‘no tech’ and technology tools such as robotics kits. More details to follow.