NewTechKids works with primary schools in the Amsterdam area to help introduce computational thinking and computer science programs as part of formal school curriculum.

Our programs integrate pedagogy, didactics, teaching approaches and classroom management and are based on the curriculum, lesson plans and teaching materials that we’ve developed, tested and taught over the last three years.

Below are some of the schools where we’ve taught:

Leonardo da Vinci School, Amsterdam
NewTechKids teaches computer science programs at Leonardo da Vinci School since September 2016. We have taught all grades: 1-2, 3, 4 and 5 and 6, 7 and 8. Our programs introduce students to fundamental computer science concepts through class challenges based on both ‘no tech’ activities (pen and paper exercises, arts and crafts, games) and class challenges which involve planning, building and programming with robotics kits.

KSU onder de Bogen, Utrecht
NewTechKids taught a 10-week program for students ages five and six at KSU Onder de Bogen, a new school in Utrecht which offers instruction in both Dutch and English. During weekly lessons, students were introduced to computational thinking and digital literacy. They explored computer science concepts such as automation, programming, commands and design through crafts, games, and physical activity.

Nelson Mandela School, Amsterdam
NewTechKids taught students in Nelson Mandela School’s Amos UnIQ program for gifted students from October 2016 to July 2017. Our program covered computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, systems thinking, programming and technological literacy. We’ll be offering new lessons which emphasize creativity and integrate computer science and arts/maker education.

‘Coding for Amsterdam’ in different primary schools, Amsterdam
NewTechKids was one of the partners chosen for the City of Amsterdam’s ‘Coding for Amsterdam’ project which will bring coding lessons to students in groups seven and eight in Amsterdam primary schools. From September 2016 – June 2017, NewTechKids taught unplugged coding lessons (involving no computers or technology) at Dutch and international schools. The project’s goal is to reach students in 200 schools.

Contact Us
If you’re interested in bringing NewTechKids to your school, please contact: Deborah Carter, co-founder and Business Director at