Computers and digital technology systems are embedded in all kinds of devices around us.

Last week, Quby, an Amsterdam-based company, helped NewTechKids demonstrate this to students in our ‘Systems Thinking and Hardware’ bootcamp. Quby has developed Toon, a smart thermostat that enables consumers to manage their energy consumption more efficiently. Toon was developed for Eneco, a Dutch energy company.

Working with NewTechKids, Dimitris Stafylarakis and Vassilis Aretakis (Quby developers) co-developed a lesson focused on the concept of feedback and its importance for technology systems which process data.

Students learned how feedback works in energy management systems by taking a look inside Toon. Using NewTechKids’ signature ‘no tech’ approach to teaching computer science, kids used thermometers, ice and hair dryers to show how computers automate processes for us.

As one student remarked, “Wow! Toon processes a lot of data to maintain constant temperatures.”

‘Computer Science Live’ Series

The lesson was part of ‘Computer Science Live’, a new co-creation series initiated by Stichting NewTechKids, a non-profit foundation which develops, tests and improves computer science curriculum, lessons, teaching materials and teacher training. Stichting NewTechKids works with technology companies to use real-life, technology solutions as a means to teach fundamental computer science concepts to primary school students.

NewTechKids taught this smart energy management lesson on behalf of Stichting NewTechKids.