On Monday, February 8th, NewTechKids co-hosted a brainstorm session with Amsterdam’s new Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. Still under construction, the museum provided the ideal blank slate for re-imagining how primary school students engage with museum content.

Participants developed ideas on how to develop school programs for museums which leverage technology to create engaging experiences. The goal was to develop ideas for experiences which encourage students (8-12 years) to discover new information, think critically, and solve challenges in creative ways.

NewTechKids tapped into our network of teachers, teacher trainers, museum professionals, designers, gamification experts, technology developers and executives, and event organizers to develop ideas based on cross-disciplinary experiences and perspectives.

We also shared our pedagogy on challenge-based learning before Joe Fletcher (our good friend from Raft Collective and formerly frog design) guided participants through a structured brainstorm process and a team-based exercise.

Ideas ranged from an inventors space, online games, story-telling competitions and tours curated by students.

Thanks to Ripley’s for co-hosting this great event. As a gesture of thanks, Ripley’s is providing all participants with a golden ticket to be the first people to visit the museum when it opens later this year.