Can computers and AI create original art? What is better: art made by humans or art made by machines? Why?

These are some questions you can discuss with your child(ren) while teaching them about Artificial Intelligence (AI) found in real life. To give a specific context to the discussion, play around with some of the free AI art generators which are available online.

An AI art generator is a computer program which generates images based on text descriptions, uploaded photos and filters. Basically, the program is powered by a huge database of images and their descriptions. So once you enter a word phrase or image, the program pulls and combines associated images.

Practically speaking, you and your child(ren) can type in some keywords or phrases, upload photos and in some cases, use a style filter and then hit the GENERATE button. The AI art generator will then produce an image or graphic which depicts your keywords according to the style you selected.

For example, we generated the images in the photo above from a variety of AI art generators based on the keywords ‘robots, hearts, presents, Christmas’.

Here are some great AI art generators to get you started:

Hugging Face

Starry AI

Playground AI