NewTechKids is going out with a bang in 2022.

We’re finishing up a bunch of bootcamps at the moment and we’ve come up with a novel way to challenge our students  to put their knowledge of computer science, coding and robotics to the test.

We’ve been hosting a series of friendly robot races with a twist. In teams, kids design, build and code robots which can grab (wrapped) candies which are scattered on the floor throughout the classroom. It’s not as easy as it sounds. They have to design a robot operated with a remote control which can move fast, turn from side-to-side, avoid obstacles and grab.

Our students have come up with an array of designs but the most successful robots are those which are small, light, fast and nimble.

We’ve gone through copious amounts of candies and our teachers have been known to drop candies in front of struggling robots.

All for the sake of fun technology education!