Yesterday, Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Founder and Managing Director, had the chance to tell NewTechKids’ story to people who work at Schuberg Philis (known as ‘colleagues’). Schuberg Philis has been supporting and collaborating with NewTechKids since December 2021.

Schuberg Philis colleagues are who we hope our students will be in the future: technologists as well as business developers, salespeople, tech recruiters, engineers, account managers and people who care deeply about kids and tech education.

The event was a referral celebration: a ceremony for newly-recruited colleagues and the people in the company who recruited them. Both parties receive a gift or the company donates to a Dutch non-profit foundation on their behalf. NewTechKids also receives a donation which supports our programs.

From Deborah Carter: “From the first time I had contact with Schuberg Philis, I realized it was a special kind of company. Colleagues all own the company. The organization is very flat and staff are involved in all key decisions. Everyone is enthusiastic about NewTechKids’ mission to provide tech education to children and fill the tech talent pipeline. We’re greatful and honoured to collaborate with Schuberg Philis.”

(Is your company or organization interested in supporting tech education for kids? NewTechKids would love to partner to ensure equal opportunity, specifically for girls and kids in low-income communities. Reach out to us at dcarter[at]