Worried that your child(ren) will be spending too much time on their phone, computer, tablet or gaming console this summer?

Start developing an action plan!

This summer, challenge your kids to spend a percentage of their time becoming digital creatives. Here are some ideas on how they can use digital media apps to exercise their imagination and express their creativity.

Compile a Summer Music Playlist

Share your music streaming account and have your child(ren) create a summer playlist to listen to in the car, on the train or in the airport. He or she can add to the playlist as the summer progresses. Nothing like music to bring back memories of the summer of 2022.

Produce a Printed Photo Book Using an Online Service 

Instead of taking random photos throughout the summer holidays, encourage your child to plan/structure a printed photo book organized into chapters in advance and then take photos to fill them in. A great way to organize and document zillions of digital photos. Use an online digital photo service offered in your area.

Record a Low Tech AudioBook

Have your child(ren) use the voice recording app on their phones to narrate short stories or books and share these with family members and friends. Great way to keep them reading while honing their drama skills.

Video recording Apps: Apple Voice Memo, Samsung Voice Recorder.

Create a Digital Portfolio

Use an online graphic design tool to start a digital portfolio of sketches and drawings. Kids can sketch scenes from the summer holidays, family, friends and people they meet, food, interesting tourist attractions, etc.

Free Tools: Canva, Adobe Spark, Blender.

Record and Edit A Cooking Video

Have your child record and edit a short cooking or baking video which documents steps to make something delicious. If you don’t want it posted on Instagram, TikTok or YouTube, share it with friends via private messaging apps and keep it in your family’s digital archives for posterity. Inspiration on Instagram: @tiffycooks @the_pastaqueen @eitan and @koby_yn, the youngest Instagram chef!

Free Video editors: iMovie, Vimeo Create, Windows Video Editor.

Blog photo by Jonathan Borba (Pexels).