“I personally hate to code. I understand how beneficial it is but to me, if engineering was projected as coding and robotics, it wouldn’t be something that suits me.”

In this PreparationTech interview produced by NewTechKids, Danielle Geathers, a third-year Engineering student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the first black, female President of the Undergraduate Association at MIT (student government) in 159 years, advises parents, teachers and school counsellors to focus on teaching kids about the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in everything around us rather than technical skills.

She explains this prestigious university’s admissions process and discusses how the university ‘levels the playing field’ by teaching all students the basics so that everyone has the same foundational knowledge and skills. She talks about the importance of high self-esteem and ‘Imposter Syndrome’, the feelings of inadequacy that many students at MIT have despite being smart and successful.

She highlights her inspiring Talented10 project in which black women at MIT coach black, female high school juniors through the MIT application process: helping them apply, raising money so they can visit MIT, and giving online Webinars.

About PreparationTech

PreparationTech is a series of online video interviews produced by NewTechKids which feature inspiring technologists, professionals whose work relies on technology, and students studying technology.

They explain what they do and share their personal stories about how they became engaged with tech. They also provide insights and advice on how parents, teachers and school guidance counsellors can prepare kids to thrive in a world of rapid and constant technological development.