For kids and teens who love the performing arts, knowledge of computer science, programming and design combined with digital skills can take them in many interesting directions.

Case in point: Miral Kotb, Founder of iLuminate, a light dance and technology company. iLuminate came in third on ‘America’s Got Talent’, has worked with artists including Chris Brown, the Black Eyed Peas and Christina Aguilera, and is launching a Vegas show. Miral is also a study in perseverance and resilience as a two-time cancer survivor.

Miral programs software herself and works with software developers, hardware engineers, designers, sketch artists tailors and others to create iLuminate’s custom light suit technology.

Miral’s tips on how parents, teachers and school counsellors can prepare kids:

  • challenge kids to identify different things they love and figure out how to combine them
  • encourage kids to solve problems eg. budgeting, planning, improving processes
  • encourage them to take classes which build critical thinking skills eg. math, statistics, data analysis, computer science, programming

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PreparationTech is a series of online video interviews which educates parents, teachers and school counsellors about the study/training paths and career opportunities which are available when kids learn computer science and programming and how to think critically about the implications and ethics of technology.

Hosted by Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Founder and MD, inspiring technologists and professionals whose work intersects with technology share their personal stories: childhood, hobbies, school activities, higher education, and career paths. They also provide insights and advice on how to prepare kids to thrive in a world of rapid and constant technological development.

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