JP van Seventer is passionate about all things related to online gaming. JP is Co-founder and Managing Director of Dutch Game Garden, a game incubator and business centre for small gaming companies and independent game designers located in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

In this interview, JP talks about his own experience in game development. He also shares his thoughts on:

  • the kind of people who thrive in the gaming industry and their knowledge, skills, characteristics and mindset
  • women in the gaming industry who inspire him such as Lois van BaarleAïda de Ridder and Kate Edwards (who ensures that games are culturally appropriate – games in the U.S. and Europe may not be appropriate for China and the Middle East)
  • the study paths kids can take to learn to enter the gaming industry (game design, programming and other specialized roles)
  • some of the top game design schools in the Netherlands and globally

JP’s tips for Adults:

  • Encourage children to play a wide variety of online and mobile games to learn how games work.
  • Challenge kids to learn how to design their own games with these game design apps/tools: Minecraft, Scratch, Super Mario MakerRobloxGameMaker, Sketchup, Blender
  • Enrol kids in after-school game design courses where they can learn with other kids and under the guidance of an experienced teacher

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Photo credit: Dutch Game Garden