Ten days left until NewTechKids’ ‘How to Raise a Tech Innovator’ evening class for parents on January 30th. The class take place from 19:00 – 21:00 at the central branch of the Amsterdam Public Library. Register now!

We thought we’d share some interesting findings from the registration information provided by parents who will attend the class.

  • 100%: parents of boys (The fact that no parents of girls have signed up for the class is unfortunate. Parents often tell us that computer science and programming “aren’t for their girls”. Yet girls perform well in our programs. We need to start challenging gender stereotypes about tech innovation to increase the amount of female tech innovators and to balance and improve the tech industry.)
  • 100%: parents of kids who attend Dutch primary schools (not international schools)
  • 97%: kids’ schools which do not teach any computer science, programming or robotics or discuss technology issues with students
  • 80%: parents working in the tech industry

Sample responses to the questions: Why have you signed up for this class? What do you hope to learn?

  • “I want to learn how to introduce my son to technology in a way that moves him beyond just using his phone and playing on his PS4.”
  • “I want my son to be an innovator and start his own tech company so I want to start preparing him now.”
  • “I want to introduce my child to basic computing skills. I work in tech and if he knows this, he’ll have lots of jobs to choose from.”
  • “I need help and guidance. I don’t know how and where to start to teach my child about technology.”
  • “I hope to pick up some insights on how I can inspire my child. From a professional viewpoint, I sometimes produce videoswith tips and insights on how to be a tech-savvy parent.”
  • “As a parent, I want to educate myself about technologies and their impact so I can better help my two boys navigate this world.”
  • “I’m worried that my son’s school is not adequately preparing him for future study and work opportunities. I don’t want him to be limited because he doesn’t have technology skills.”

Register now!