Super happy to announce our newest NewTechKids advisor: Phil Rynearson (aka Mr. Phil).

Phil is a technology teacher in Early Childhood Education at the American School of The Hague in the Netherlands. He gained valuable experience as a classroom teacher for 17 years before devoting the last eight years to supporting students and teachers in finding authentic and empowering methods of integrating technology into school settings. He has worked in public schools in the United States as well as four international schools in Asia and Europe.

Phil is the kind of teacher who is constantly inventing new learning experiences which bring fundamental technology concepts to students in a playful, educational way. He teaches his students about systems thinking and technology systems by disassembling electronic toys and laptops and having them look inside and at the parts. He has even used animal sounds to teach kids two-state logic and conductive play dough to teach students how computers communicate.

Phil has completed one of our teacher training programs and brought us to the American School of The Hague to provide expert advice on the integration of computer science and computational thinking in its primary school curriculum.

We look forward to tapping into his teaching experience and expertise to further developing our pedagogy and teaching approaches for young students.