Preparing children, starting in primary school, to be successful technologists requires parents and teachers to make them aware of the benefit of studying computer science, programming, technology systems and design. Case in point: any child interested in working in a sports-related profession.

Technology is transforming the sports industry. Examples include:

  • Web sites which provide stats, stream live games and competitions and provide the latest news;
  • Online games which enable players to play sports virtually and engage in character role play;
  • Apps which track health and sports performance;
  • Technology systems which track balls and tabulate points; and
  • AI which assists with scoring during competitions.

Many people who work in sports technology have studied computer science, programming, hardware and software design, engineering, data science and Web design. They include engineers, programmers, data scientists, technicians, systems operators, Web designers and researchers. They do everything from inventing new technology (apps, online games and Web services), operating sports tech systems, programming software, developing and servicing hardware, designing Web sites, and analyzing and conducting research based on usage and performance data.

Discussion Ideas from NewTechKids 

Parents and teachers can discuss inspiring companies like the National Basketball Association (NBA) in the U.S. which has become a leader in technology innovation.

NewTechKids regularly teaches our students about the technology developed by Hawk-Eye Innovations. The company designs ball tracking technology used in professional  tennis, football and cricket matches.

The International Gymnastics Federation (FIG) is planning to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) to help with scoring during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic games. Discuss with children if this is good or bad and what the implications may be for future competitions.