LEGO Mindstorms is one of our favourite tools for teaching children ages seven to 12. It is a tangible tool which provides children with a realistic experience of designing, building and programming technology. It also teaches children that hardware and software influence each other and need to work together in order to develop successful technology prototypes.

Many of our students say that they first realised the power and fun of computer science after they built their first LEGO Mindstorms robot.

To this end, we’re proud to announce that we are expanding our computer science learning experiences to include our first-ever advanced LEGO Mindstorms course.

The bootcamp is designed for kids with previous experience in designing, building and programming with LEGO Mindstorms. While the bootcamp is designed for kids ages 10-14, we will make exceptions for younger kids who have completed previous NewTechKids programs and who show advanced designing, building and programming skills.

The focus of the bootcamp will be on AI and understanding how it works. Kids will dive deeper into computer science concepts such as variables, and-or, data storage and data presentation while developing important soft skills such as teamwork and collaboration, communication, negotiation and presentation and innovating during structured design processes. There will be a stronger emphasis on math, calculations and computational thinking.

This course is ideal for children who want to pursue studies related to technology, computer science, programming, and design.

The bootcamp will take place from May 19th – July 14th on Saturdays from 14:00 – 17:00 (3 hours) at OBA Centraal (the Amsterdam Municipal Library’s main branch near Amsterdam main train station).

The bootcamp is part of the activities of Maakplaats 021, OBA’s series of Maker spaces in library branches across the city of Amsterdam.

Read more and register here.