NewTechKids is excited to announce our first collaboration with Maakplaats 021, the Amsterdam Municipal Library’s maker space initiative: a 10-week computer science bootcamp for kids ages 8-12 which will take place in the Maakplaats 021 Reigersbos location in Amsterdam Southeast.

Set to begin in January 2018, the bootcamp will be for kids ages 8-12 and provide an introduction to computer science, programming and computational thinking.

Our partnership with the Library is strategic and we’ll use the bootcamp to explore new ways to integrate computer science and maker education.

We’re pleased to be supporting computer science education efforts in Amsterdam Southeast (also known as the Bijlmer), a predominantly low-income, minority community. We refer to the children there as ‘Rising Technologists’ because we believe that with opportunity and access to computer science education, they have the potential to become future technologists and leaders who can help their communities.