NewTechKids is pleased to be cooperating with Schuberg Philis, one of our generous supporters, on programming for its upcoming Family Day. The annual event for the company’s colleagues (employees) and their families to thank them for their effort and time. This event will take place on Saturday, September 24th at its Schiphol-Rijk office.

Under the theme ‘Welcome back to the Future’, the Family Day will feature a variety of workshops, tutorials, demonstrations and social activities. The NewTechKids team will be teaching a variety of no-tech and robotics workshops. For younger kids, we’ll be teaching design and simple coding workshops and for older kids, we’ll be teaching tech invention and AI workshops. This completely aligns with Schuberg Philis’ mission: to leave the world a better place for future generations. And this is where tech for good is a big part of it.

Deborah Carter, our Founder and Managing Director, says “When we enter into partnerships with companies, we don’t just expect financial assistance. NewTechKids looks for ways to collaborate with supporters to engage their workforce. In the case of Schuberg Philis, it is teaching the children of colleagues about the fun and creativity of technology and exposing high school students to careers in IT. Being involved in Family Day, we like to think that we are nurturing the kids who may one day work for tech companies like Schuberg Philis.”

Interested in Bringing NewTechKids’ Workshops to Corporate Events & Family Days?

If your company is interested in supporting NewTechKids or hosting our workshops at company events, please contact Deborah Carter at dcarter[at]