NewTechKids is proud to officially launch Mokum Maakcoalitie activities along with our partners: the Amsterdam Public Library/Maakplaats021, de Waag, Pakhuis de Zwijger, Hogeschool van Amsterdam. NEMO Science Museum, Cinekid, The Beach, Designathon Works, Lekkersamenklooien, Cultura Nederland, Next Nature Network en de W&T kennismakelaars (Science & Technology knowledge brokers) from the City of Amsterdam.

Our joint mission is to accelerate the spread of Maker education in the City of Amsterdam through in-school and extracurricular activities for kids. We are working closely with school boards in the city to deliver programs.

NewTechKids was chosen to kick off the first ‘Plusklas voor iedereen’ (Gifted Classes for Everyone), a joint extracurricular program for kids ages 8-12 which also involves Cinekid, The Beach, Maakplaats021, Cultura Nederland and Designathon Works. Children will receive a variety of Maker workshops from these partners until March 2023.

For us, it’s a great opportunity to reach a new audience of children and introduce computer science and tech prototyping education. We are teaching a 6-week bootcamp at OBA Slotermeer in Amsterdam Nieuw West, a low-income community largely comprised of kids from Dutch Moroccan and Dutch Turkish backgrounds.

During our program, kids will explore different industries and fields, learn how tech is transforming them and invent their own tech prototypes related to these fields.

We’re proud to be active in making Maker education more accessible and popular in Amsterdam. It’s all part of ensuring that kids have 21st knowledge and skills to prepare them for the future.