Starting this week, NewTechKids will be bringing technology education via music, art and culture to students at the Cornelis Vrijschool in Amsterdam.

We are teaching a customized, after-school program which aligns with the school’s focus on the arts, music and culture.

Students in groups 6,7 and 8 will discuss how technology is transforming the arts before inventing a series of robot prototypes. In the process, they’ll learn about computer science, programming, robotics and design.

It won’t just be coding and computer screens. Kids will be encouraged to embellish their robots by creating props with art and craft supplies.

Emmy Lugthart, Cornelis Vrijschool’s principal, says “We are very pleased to be collaborating with NewTechKids. We are continually seeking ways to stimulate student interest in arts and culture while preparing our students for future success. Offering technology education is a natural step in this process and we look forward to seeing what our students invent.”

(Interested in bringing tech education to your school during or after school? Reach out!)