Register kids ages 8-12 in our early Fall 2021 bootcamps if you want to prepare them to become tech inventors, innovators and critical thinkers.

NewTechKids don’t focus on training master coders: we focus on developing kids who have the knowledge, skills and confidence to identify a problem and then create a technology prototype to solve it.

This Fall, we’re blending technology with different subjects to expose kids to multidisciplinary ways of solving problems.

Tuesday Afternoons: Around the World in 6 Weeks –  Learn about geography, culture and tech!
September 21 – November 2, weekly 16:15 – 17:45
During this bilingual NewTechKids bootcamp of 6 weekly workshops, kids ages 8-12 will complete an around-the-world tour, inventing robots to suit local conditions or customs.

Wednesday Afternoons: Art made by Robots: Learn about art and technology!
September 22 – November 3, weekly 16:15-17:45
During this bilingual NewTechKids bootcamp of 6 weekly workshops on Wednesday afternoons, kids ages 8-12 will channel their artistic expression by creating robotic art: sculpture, music, drawing, dance and more.

Herftsvakantie Bootcamp: Learn about literature, film and technology!
October 18 – 22, 2021
During this bilingual NewTechKids bootcamp of 5 daily workshops, kids ages 8-12 will use their imaginations to bring the most popular children’s books and films to life by inventing robots based on the stories. Books and films will include “Dummie de Mummie”, “Harry Potter”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, “Chitty Chitty Ba>ng Bang” and others.

Please note: The cost of the Herftsvakantie bootcamp is subsidized for all kids by the Library. There are four, heavily-subsidized spots available for kids from low-income families who have a Stadspas.