Encouraging kids to participate in challenges and competitions is an important part of tech innovation education.

Code Games is an initiative whereby kids ages 10-18 around the world are invited to enter a global competition to design and develop original video games. The competition is organized into two age divisions: a Junior Division for entrants ages 10-13 and a Senior Division for entrants ages 14-18. Entries in the Junior Division are not in competition with those in the Senior Division.

Game topics are according to themes or can be based on a topic of choice. Kids can work on their own and in teams of four. Cash prizes are awarded for winning entries. The submission deadline is October 14, 2020.

According to Code Games’ Web site, “…making a game about a topic requires the creator to learn about and develop deep, systemic understanding of that topic. By challenging game makers to envision bold new futures around key themes, we hope they gain a deeper undrstanding of those themes that helps bring about those futures.”

The competition is supported by:

  • Endless: a collection of independent companies and initiatives focused on supporting technology that cultivates digital agency among youth
  • XPrize: which designs and operates multi-million-dollar, global competitions to accelerate the development of technological breakthroughs that benefit humanity
  • E-Line: a video game developer and publisher passionate about harnessing the power of games to help players understand and shape the world.