It’s important to teach kids that technology inventions often come from personal needs and experiences of adversity.

In this excerpt from the PreparationTech interview featuring Zuby Onwuta, this African inventor and disability advocate talks about his personal experience of losing his eyesight and how it caused him to blend medical research, his training in engineering and passion for technology.

Zuby is the inventor of ‘Think and Zoom’ technology which magnifies objects based on brain wave technology. Think and Zoom helps the visually impaired to navigate the world around them like everyone else.

“Think and Zoom is the culmination, the result of my own past experiences, be it from the medical side where I threw myself into intense medical research of Opthomology and the causes of retinal problems. Or be it my Engineering training. And of course, my passion for STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering and Math]. Combining all of that with my lived experience, I tried to find a solution that will address all of that.”

About PreparationTech

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