During next week’s school vacation (February 17-21), NewTechKids and Maakplaat021, the Amsterdam Public Library’s Maker education initiative, will teach a computer science/maker camp for kids ages 8-12. We’ll use the theme of technology in space to engage kids and make the potential of technology come to life.

Spaces are still open. Register here.

Under the theme “Lost in Space”, kids will explore how computer science and programming work by designing, building and programming robots and tech prototypes and using 3D graphic software and 3D printing, engraving and laser cutting to create items.

Kids will work in pairs and teams on challenges related to navigating Mars’ surface, building shelter, searching for extraterrestrial life, and communicating with aliens.

Why space? Kids have active imaginations when it comes to space, influenced by movies, video games, books, museum experiences and what they learn in school. Exploring space requires a huge amount of technology, especially since it’s hard (and expensive) to send humans there.

Our goal is to give kids the confidence that they can become technologists in training who can form ideas and then turn them into prototypes which they can test and improve upon. We also want to familiarize them with digital fabrication processes such as 3D printing which are revolutionizing how we make products and prepare for life in space.

Photo credit: Guillermo Ferla on Unsplash