We’ve crunched the numbers!

So far, 60 people have registered for NewTechKids’ upcoming ‘kids and gaming’ seminar on Sunday, November 24 at the Amsterdam Public Library.

Here’s a quick analysis of these parents, caregivers and teachers and the information they have provided, including about the gaming habits of their children and their attitudes towards gaming.

There are still spaces available to attend NewTechKids’ seminar for parents, caregivers and teachers on ‘kids and gaming’. Speakers will include game designers and family counsellors as well as a psychologist/researcher, teacher, parent/former game designer, and a former gaming addict.

Register now.

Role of Attendees

Parents: 90%

Caregivers (extended family members, counsellors, coaches, mentors): 8%

Teachers: 2%

Gender of Parents Attending

Mothers: 67%

Fathers: 33%

Gender of Child(ren) of Attendees 

Boys: 70%

Girls: 30%

Child(ren)’s Gaming Hours (on average per week)

Less than 1 hour: 20%

1-2 hours: 7%

3-5 hours: 13%

5-10 hours: 27%

10-20 hours: 33%

Top Reasons for Attending

  • Guidance for setting rules and guidelines
  • Understand how games work
  • Learn about the pros and cons of gaming
  • Understand gaming addiction and be prepared to fight it
  • Understand the effect of gaming on a child’s brain and behaviour
  • Learn more about ensuring that my child is safe while gaming

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