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In mid-August, the Guardian newspaper published an article about the Yes We Can Youth Clinics in the Netherlands which helps UK teenagers deal with their gaming addiction.

That’s when parents started calling NewTechKids to ask questions about healthy vs. unhealthy gaming and how to tell if their children (boys AND girls) are addicted to gaming.

In response, we are organizing a seminar for parents under the theme “Kids and Gaming: guiding and managing your child’s online gaming activities” which will take place on Sunday, November 24, 2019 at the Amsterdam Public Library (Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam).

The seminar will take place in English.

The seminar is designed to help parents take a more proactive role in helping their children establish healthy gaming behaviour and activities. Sessions will cover:

  • the many different genres of online games and their pros and cons for kids
  • game design and the features and tactics used by gaming companies to influence kids
  • how parents and kids can work together to establish healthy gaming rules and practices
  • what to do if you suspect that gaming is having a harmful effect on your child
  • how kids can overcome gaming addiction

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Rudi Voet, Senior Family Counsellor at the Yes We Can Youth Clinics, who specializes in helping kids and their families deal with unhealthy gaming activities and gaming addiction
  • Victor van Rossum (24), a former gaming addict who will share his personal story of being addicted to gaming for more than seven years before fully recovering

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