Deborah Carter, NewTechKids’ Co-founder and Business Director, will speak at the Women in Tech (WIT) Regatta event in Amsterdam on November 1st in Amsterdam.

During the panel ”Launch It Broken, Fix It Live: Put the Life Vest On and Jump!’, Deborah will share her experiences ‘from the trenches’ in launching NewTechKids and adapting the company’s vision, mission and business strategy over the past four years.

NewTechKids started as an after-school computer science academy but has grown into a company focused on bringing technological innovation education to primary schools through teacher training and the provision of curriculum, lessons and teaching resources.

According to Deborah, “To prepare children for a world of constant and rapid technological growth, we need to give them a foundation to understand technological innovation: how it works, why it works and how to think in order to create technology solutions.”

She adds, “Integrating education about technological innovation in primary school curriculum enables schools to reach all students, including girls, minorities and children from disadvantaged communities. This is how we can start early in increasing diversity in the tech industry and helping girls and boys learn how to collaborate and work together on technology projects.”