NewTechKids is on a mission to bring technology education to all children, including those who belong to families with low incomes who would not normally receive it. Kids with potential are everywhere and our goal is to find and nurture them.

In September 2016, we will teach pilot programs developed by Stichting NewTechKids which establishes new computer science clubs for primary school aged students in two of Amsterdam’s most economically disadvantaged neighbourhoods: Amsterdam South East and Amsterdam New West. Stichting NewTechKids develops, tests and improves computer science curriculum, lessons and teaching materials and trains primary school teachers.

Called 21st Century Skills Clubs, these clubs taught by NewTechKids will provide children with three hours of computer science education per week from September to December 2016. The Clubs will provide kids with a strong foundation to understand technology and fundamental computer science concepts and will cover computational thinking, algorithmic thinking, systems thinking, programming and technological literacy. We’ll bring this education to life through design, prototyping and programming activities.

We’re grateful to Stichting NewTechKids and its partners who have made the pilot program possible. In Amsterdam South East, the Club is being supported by Projectenbureau Primair Onderwijs Zuidoost (PPOZO), which serves 29 schools (PO) in the area and represents 7017 students.

In Amsterdam New West, the Club is being launched at Spring High, a new school which educates students ages 10-14. This Club is being supported by Flow Traders, a principal trading firm which provides liquidity in the global financial markets based upon an in-house-developed, global technology platform. Flow Traders’ success is based on the combination of in-depth knowledge of the financial markets and effective use of the latest technologies. As such, the company’s founders and team understand first-hand the importance of developing technology talent from a young age.