NewTechKids is proud to share our report of the EU Code Week 2015 teacher training pilot program we organised in September and October 2015.

We partnered with TomTom, the Dutch technology company, to launch a pilot program aimed at creating a scaling model for technology education in primary schools. Specifically, this model engaged both primary school teachers and students around computational thinking and coding.

NewTechKids trained 75 primary school teachers from schools in Amsterdam and Delft to teach our ‘Intro to Computational Thinking and Coding Concepts’ lesson to students in groups one to four (ages four to seven) as part of EU Code Week 2015 activities. EU Code Week 2015 took place October 10-18.

We compiled data and feedback from participating teachers at three intervals during this pilot program via registration forms and anonymous surveys. This data and feedback are included in this report.

Some highlights:

  • participating teachers: 83% Dutch primary schools, 13% international private schools, and one education advisory organization (7%)
  • 84% of teachers were female and 16% were male teachers
  • 80% of teachers had no prior teaching experience with computational thinking and coding concepts
  • after training, 100% felt they were prepared to teach the lesson
  • 80% adapted or modified the lesson to suit their classroom and students
  • 93% interested in additional teacher training

The report also includes comments about the training sessions and teaching experience from primary teachers themselves. For a summary in Dutch, read the cover story of ‘Computers op School’ magazine (December 2015 issue) featuring NewTechKids’ EU Code Week teacher training.

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