We get by with a little help from our friends.

Yesterday, NewTechKids took possession of a shipment of Raspberry Pi units, donated and shipped by the good folks at Car-San Manufacturing Limited, a company based in Kitchener, Ontario in Canada.

Sandra French Martens, Sales Manager at the company and a high school chum of one of NewTechKids’ founders, follows us on social media and made the offer.

“As a woman in technology, I really like to see anything that encourages children (boys and girls equally) to get excited about programming and technology. There are so many great opportunities for young people and it’s such an exciting time in the industry, I really appreciate and encourage anything that promotes it.”

The units arrived just in time to become some of the teaching materials used during NewTechKids’ ‘Understand Computers’ bootcamp which is teaching kids aged 7-12 what goes on inside computers, which parts make up a computer and how these parts work together to solve problems and execute programs.

On behalf of NewTechKids, a big ‘thank you’ and ‘dank u wel’ to our Canadian friends.


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