Week #2: Meivakantie Bootcamp (8-12 Yrs.) – May 6-10, 2024

(Bilingual camp taught in a combination of Dutch and English by a professional, native-Dutch speaking teacher. Subsidized spots are available for children from a low-income families with a Stadspas.)

Theme: NTK Hacker Academy

During this NewTechKids school vacation bootcamp of 5 daily workshops held at the Amsterdam Public Library, kids ages 8-12 will transform into white hat hackers who will invent, build and code a series of robots to stop naughty hackers from creating chaos in a variety of scenarios.

Kids will dive into building and visual programming using LEGO robotics and art supplies. They’ll learn about design concepts (resources, requirements, testing, iteration, best practices) and computer science concepts (coding, algorithms, commands, loops, sequence, iteration, if-else logic, etc.).

Kids will present them to their peers and parents at the end of each day. Children who successfully complete the bootcamp will receive a NewTechKids diploma.

Our camp is ideal for children with no previous exposure to design and computer science and those who have previously participated in NewTechKids programs. Girls and boys are welcome!

Classes will take place everyday from 10:00 – 14:00 on the following dates:

  • May 6, 7, 8 and 10 (May 9th is Ascension Day and the Library is closed for the holiday)

This bilingual camp will be taught by a native Dutch-speaking professional teacher with specialised training in computer science. The curriculum and workshops are based on NewTechKids’ pedagogy which focuses on concept-context learning and the use of tangible learning tools.

A morning drink and snack will be provided. Children are required to bring their own lunches, including utensils and cups.

A minimum of 16 students is required to offer this bootcamp. Registrants will be notified 3 days prior if the camp is cancelled and a full refund will be provided.

Location: Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam, Oosterdokskade 143, Junior Lab in basement (5-minute walk from Centraal Station)

Fee for Children without Stadspas: €227.71 (includes VAT and Eventbrite registration fee)

Fee for Children with Stadspas (4 spots available): €20 (includes VAT and Eventbrite registration fee)