No time like the present to start encouraging your child(ren)'s interest in science and technology. Luckily, several great events are taking place in the Netherlands. Night of Discoveries: Leiden, September 17, 2022 This special night will feature "performances, exhibitions, debates, workshops, and inspiring lectures by young creators" at different venues in Leiden. Visit a mobile planetarium, an Animaltroniek installation of transparent technology, 3D models of human tissue and disease and more. The Night of Discoveries

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EU Code Week 2018 is happening right now. From October 6-21st, kids and adults across Europe are participating in events and activities related to coding and digital literacy. According to the organisers of this grassroots initiative, "Learning to code helps us to make sense of the rapidly changing world around us, expand our understanding of how technology works, and develop skills and capabilities in order to explore new ideas and innovate." See this listing of

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