‘Inspire inclusion’ is the theme of this year’s International Women’s Day and Deborah Carter, our Founder and MD, spoke about this at the celebration breakfast held at Adyen, one of our corporate supporters.

NewTechKids likes to think that we inspire inclusion every day.

Since October 2014, we been bringing tech education to kids in the Netherlands and abroad through our programs which teach tech invention, computer science, coding, robotics, digital literacy and critical thinking about technology.

We started out with a technical focus which meant that 99.9% of our students were boys. This triggered a transformation process in which we transformed our purpose, how we teach, what we teach and how we promote and showcase ourselves. Our students have become more diverse and inclusive and our classes are places where girls can thrive. And of course, we have moved from majority boy to majority mixed gender programs.

We’re super proud of all the girls who’ve shown up and participated in NewTechKids’ classes and programs over the last 9.5 years. They’ve mastered difficult computer science concepts. They’ve exercised grit and perseverance to turn their ideas into prototypes. They’ve shared their online and social media experiences and who raise important points about digital literacy. They have not defeated by failure. They’ve held their ground and claimed their space.

The future belongs to them!